We are just loading today’s jobs, a total of 24 part time positions available thus far. Please watch out for them. Note that the Cape Town positions require 2 students in a team, so please indicate if you have a partner to work with on that one.

Also, please REGISTER for this service we are offering. Whilst the number of students so far registered is only about 3,000 – we expect to hit 10,000 before August! So please register and tell all your social media friends to register. Please use our link to be entered into the R500 prize draw.

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Carpool and Ride Share


We have teamed up with Jumpin Rides to offer you the opportunity to Carpool and Rideshare to and from Campus / Jobs / Events etc.

Here is how it works:

If you are a driver, offer any empty seat in your car to other members of the Rent-a-Student / JumpIn Rides’ community for all your trips around South Africa. Instead, if you are a passenger, choose among all the rides offered on our website to reach your destination in the cheapest way!

It has never been easier to find some fellow travellers or commuters for your next trip. Start looking for by clicking on sign up to register on the website.

PASSENGER – Step by Step

1. Insert the address of departure and arrival in the “Search Bar”
2. Browse the ride offer to find your match*
3. Book it and send a message to the driver
4. Get approved by the driver and discuss through the platform the details of the trip
5. Reimburse in cash the driver for the expenses at the end of the trip
6. Enjoy your trip!

*Could not find your ride? Set an alert to receive an email when someone will share it.

DRIVER – Step by Step

1. Click on “Offer a Ride”
2. Insert address of departure, arrival and the date of the trip
3. Select any suggested stops (if you want!)
4. Choose price and number of seats available
5. Fill the form with information about the ride
6. Publish it and get contacted by passengers
7. Approve the passengers and discuss with them the details of the trip
8. Get your money in cash at the end of the ride
9. Enjoy your trip!

So why not register today using our link we are offering students the opportunity to win a prize of R500 at the end of July via a random draw!

Student Jobs

Rent-a-Student is the outsourcing website dedicated to connecting students and businesses as well as providing students with products and service they want. Rent-a-Student aims to boost students’ resumes even before entering the work force, by applying what they are learning to real world situations. We also provide a number of free or inexpensive resources to students e.g. banking, free website, resume assistance and references, coaching and more.

Rent-a-Student is a way for students to expand their network assisting them finding a job… all while helping them to finance part of their education and gain work experience.

Rent-s-Student assists businesses find high-caliber talent, while cutting cost and facilitating the management and payment process. Our students are the best and we have a 0% complaint rate after over 20,000 jobs!

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Student Promoter Jobs


We have many new services and products in the pipeline for you (including mobile phones, airtime, bank accounts, loans, translation courses etc). For now, we have teamed up with “The Skills Studio” to bring you work related courses that will help you develop your skills for specific Jobs. The courses are offered to you at a discount and we will send you R100 once you complete the course.

This course is aimed at Promoters!

By taking this course (11 Modules) and passing the 2 hour Test, you will be certified with us and will obtain a high ranking, meaning you will be more likely to get work! Just state you have passed the Promotions Exam on any application.

Further courses to follow!

Rent-a-Student currently has requirements for a number of students to assist with translations. In particular, we are looking for Portuguese and Mandarin speaking students who also have great English. Bearing in mind the overall population and number of minority group students, it would appear that word has not reached large groups of students that Rent-a-Student exists.

Can we please ask you ALL to make an effort to let your fellow students know about us. In particular students from minority groups. Remember, the more students we have, the more job opportunities we get. Further, we will be launching new products and services over the coming period and can negotiate better rates with suppliers if we can show them we have more students!!

So, please pass on the word! We are doing over 1,000 placements a month most months now.

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Can we ask you to please complete the following for a chance to win R500!

Barloworld Equipment strives to attract and retain Southern Africa’s top graduates to build the future leadership and specialists of our organisation, which will allow them to remain competitive.

It is with this in mind that we continue to offer the Barloworld Equipment Graduate Development Programme.

The Graduate Development Programme offers you the opportunity to choose your career from the very start.

So, whether you are interested in Specialist fields such as information technology, human resources or marketing or Technical areas such as in construction and mining to become a well-rounded leader, your ambition has our attention.

The entry qualification for the technical field is Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial or Civil).

The 24 month journey kicks off with an induction that provides you with in-depth insight into the Barloworld way of doing things and how large organisations are structured to work together as a unit.

You are then given the opportunity to embark on a learning journey including participating in a rotational programme that provides you with exposure to various areas within the business.

This will enable you to gain valuable experience that will put you in good standing should you wish to move into a leadership position in the future.

Placement at the end of the programme will depend on your overall performance, integration with the team and the availability of suitable positions.

Barloworld Equipment is currently recruiting in the following disciplines:

BCom Sales and Marketing
BEng or BSC Eng (Mechanical, Industrial, Mining and Electrical Heavy current only)
BSc Data Analytics, Applications Development, Software Development, Business Administration, Research, Marketing, Communications.”
Applications close on 15 June 2017.

If you are interested in joining a company that is set to become the leading reliable expert and partner to create shared value, then you are making the right decision for your career.

Click here to download the application form. Complete and return it to

student jobs

We find ourselves at an exciting time in history, the rise of a new era, the digital era. Digital tech has transformed, and continues to transform the way we do things, and to not catch the trend, would be less than ideal.

Largely characterized by a faster, and a more connected society, the digital era is slowly evolving the way we do things. The way we used to do things like retail, socializing and work is beginning to change, as we adapt to doing these things online, with emerging trends, and evolving markets.

One of these emerging trends (the Gig Economy) is people finding, and offering, employment through the internet. Where in the past finding a job may have been a slow, and grueling, process, we’ve now made it significantly faster, and easier where with websites like, a job is only a few clicks away. What I like about rent-a-student is that it is specifically suited for students, offering mostly short-term, and part-time jobs, it’s not a career move, but it’ll get you some pocket change and give you important work experiences.

Being ideal for students, rent-a-student, is a good example of how markets are evolving to tailor more to the individual than to the general group, but the work industry is only one example of evolving markets, as we see the internet of things shape the way we do things.

Hire Students

Of the 26.5% of unemployed South Africans, 54.2% are youths. In a country with such statistics, I think it is safe to say that we are all frustrated. There is nothing more discouraging as a varsity student in South Africa than realising the reality of our country and realising that this is our reality as individuals too. Success these days is not as simple as pulling up your socks or working harder than the rest. As informed as we are, who doesn’t work hard these days? It is not as easy as waiting for mother luck to drop opportunities in your hand either. So really, what is it up to?

Growing up in a township of Gugulethu I’ve always known that I wanted more than what I see on my streets and in my neighbours eyes. Somehow I knew that more existed, “There just has to be something better than this. This cannot be all” I would to think to myself. My mom as my role model and my brother as an example, I decided I will work hard and I would reach the goal that I had set out for myself. My passions, abilities and talents ceased to mater, I just wanted to be successful. So I pulled through. 2am, 3am study nights, I pulled through. I thought I had it all worked out. Hard work leads to success, but I soon realised that it doesn’t end there.
I made myself as well as my family proud and passed matric with a bachelor’s pass. I got into varsity, and the horror of a success hungry black woman from Gugulethu began. In a richly diverse scene such as UWC, I heard all sorts of testimonies from different people, highly educated people, completing their Honours and Masters, “It’s hard to get a job. There are no jobs”. It occurred to me that what I am doing is not enough, education is vital, but it is not enough. Drive carries you through but it is not enough, positivity keeps you sane but it is not enough. All of these are needed, but never will they create opportunities for you. This was one thing I had no control of. I think by now it has occurred to most of us that we have to fight. Competition is rife and smiles for no man. We have to fight, we have to keep trying, we have to go out there and find these opportunities and for some of us, as the likes of the warm hearted founders of “Rent-A-Student” we have to make them, not only for us but also for others and future generations too. They, Rent-A-Student, have brought opportunities to us, we ought to learn from them, and also take advantage of this platform. Utilize these opportunities, milk them, then turn around and create them. This is how we will overcome the curse of South Africa.

-Zanele “Xanna” Sokatsha

– John, Founder and CEO @ Rent-a-Student – Thanks for the mention Zanele, a nice article. Please email your cell number and network so we can send you R50 e-Wallet!! The blog is unfortunately pretty true, but do not give up hope (NEVER GIVE UP)!, jobs do exist and the reason for Rent-a-Student starting was to give students work experience opportunities (the money is secondary, but still important). My advice in these times and especially in South Africa is to focus on the “Gig” economy!! Read about it and write another blog for R50!!

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is the government student bursary and loan scheme that receives its funding budget from, and reports to the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The scheme was established in terms of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme Act 56 of 1999.

NSFAS provide financial assistance in the form of bursaries and loans to eligible students at public universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges in South Africa.

NSFAS administer such bursaries and loans, and recover the loans from students once they have graduated and are employed.

NSFAS also raises funds in order to increase the funding pool for student bursaries and loans.

Click Here to NSFAS