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November 14

Many thanks again – so great to work with someone who is professional and reliable!

I would strongly recommend rent-a-student to anyone who needs fast, efficient and reliable transcription services for their studies. From the moment I contacted them, the process was simple and I was regularly kept informed of progress. The quality and accuracy of the work I received was very high, especially considering some of my audio recordings were not easy to work with. A very professional, modestly priced and effective solution for transcribing interviews in record time.

Best regards,



August 22

Morning John

It went very well thanks. The girls were awesome behind the bar and I really enjoyed working with them.

Thank you!

Kind Regards


Jackie (Warrior Races)
Some days it actually feels go to work! Below an email from Natalie who needed 4 students to work a “Belly Dance” Event. As a post, this is to remind students that references are important. Get them if you can. Rent-a-student are happy to provide it’s students with references.


Hi John

Please find attached the proof of payments – I have paid in full.

Thank you very much, the team you provided me was AMAZING! They were hard working, reliable, efficient and lovely to work with.

Thank you again





[13:09, 10/24/2017] Gb1 Julia:

“I’ve had the beat experience with RAS through one of the jobs provided by them. The employers were great and accommodating and the owner of RAS if also very helpful towards the students. This is truly a great website, thumbs up all the way”

Thanks Julia!

Hi Students / ALL

Today, we start a series of regular short posts that will help you keep your resume in tip-top shape!.

Always include any experience and a photograph

As you are still students, your resume / CV maybe a little thin. Always ensure you include any and all experience even if it was only a few hours. It shows commitment and reliability. A photograph, whilst not essential, can help bulking out the CV and can make employers’ feel comfortable that they are hiring the right person. Remember, keep the photo’s professional and relaxed.

DO NOT Include Social Media/Digital Platform URLs … Unless..

Over 90% of companies, recruiters and employers claim to check and vet candidates based on social media prior to offering them a position. This includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc..

However, you must make sure that your privacy settings are secured and do not contain any personal accounts (or content) that may prove embarrassing (naughty holiday snaps etc).

So, check your social media and make sure your profile is looking professional!


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Student Jobs Photography

Rent a Student get around 200 work placement requests from employers every week.

Some of the requests are simple tasks such as proofreading, transcriptions, blogging, article writing, research, data entry, flyers, kiddies parties etc. These typically pay R40-R80 per hour but never less than R200 per task (even if only 1 hour).

For more specialist work like application development, photography, website design, graphic design, law, translations, tutoring, adobe photoshop, acting, modeling etc.,  employers often pay R100+ per hour. Photographers, for example are paid R1,000+ per 1/2 day! or more.

Most of you have specialised skills in 1 or more areas, so if you have please use this form with a message stating your area of skill and we will forward you potential work opportunities as they arise. Note that we use this information frequently, for example, we know we have 8 photographers in Gauteng, so we can easily email them to quote for a job.

Please note that you may have to deal directly with the employer for some of the work, especially where detailed instructions are required e.g. graphic design work. Please also note that sometimes the work is only available via a tender process so we cannot guarantee you will be selected.

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Female Student Job Seekers

Womens Day 2017


NEVER EVER PAY TO WORK!! – As we have stated before, never pay to work, but also remember these scams!!

The DIAL *120* scam

Some scammers are offering fake job services which you subscribe to using USSD. They will ask you to dial *120*…# and promise to help you find a job. If you dial this number they will deduct airtime EVERY month without you realising it. MANY students / job seekers are falling victim to this scam and their airtime is being stolen without them even noticing

The fax scam

Fake agents ask you to fax your CV or an application form to be considered for a job. However, the fax number is a premium rate number which can charge you more than R40 to send the fax. Also there is no real job and you will never hear from the agent again

The SMS scam

Fake agents will ask you to SMS your details to apply for a job. The SMS is a premium rate number whereby you will need to send many text messages and spend more than R30 to apply. Also there is no real job and you will never hear from the agent again


Many of these scams look like real services, so often it is hard to identify them. To avoid being scammed, follow these simple rules:

NEVER dial any USSD number that you do not recognise eg *120*… This is the easiest way to lose all your airtime to a scammer
NEVER trust an agency that uses a gmail, hotmail, yahoo or other generic email address. They are usually scams. Legitimate agencies will have proper email address e.g.
NEVER trust any agency that asks you to fax your CV or application form
NEVER trust an agent that asks you for money- they are a scam
ALWAYS check the agent’s website. Scammers will usually not have a proper website

If you suspect you are a victim of an SMS or USSD scam, you can do the following:

Cell C: Dial *133*1# and from there you can block content billing
MTN: Dial *141*5# and select which services to unsubscribe from
Telkom: Dial 180 and follow the prompts
Vodacom: Send an SMS containing “STOP ALL” to 30333
To complain about a scam, go to

Rent-a-Student Mandela Day
Quote from Mandela

Mandela Day


Please can you kindly take part in our bank charges survey. We need this so that we can offer you the best bank account in SA!! All data is 100% secure and we will pay you R30 for your last 3 statements. Please complete the form below.

Bank Charges Survey. ALL data is 100% secure! We need this data to offer students the best Bank Account in SA!

So we can pay your R30 on 1st August

Please wait...

Email last 3 statements (R10 each) HERE



We are just loading today’s jobs, a total of 24 part time positions available thus far. Please watch out for them. Note that the Cape Town positions require 2 students in a team, so please indicate if you have a partner to work with on that one.

Also, please REGISTER for this service we are offering. Whilst the number of students so far registered is only about 3,000 – we expect to hit 10,000 before August! So please register and tell all your social media friends to register. Please use our link to be entered into the R500 prize draw.

Last, remember to like and re-tweet, re-post always! More likes = more jobs!

Carpool and Ride Share


We have teamed up with Jumpin Rides to offer you the opportunity to Carpool and Rideshare to and from Campus / Jobs / Events etc.

Here is how it works:

If you are a driver, offer any empty seat in your car to other members of the Rent-a-Student / JumpIn Rides’ community for all your trips around South Africa. Instead, if you are a passenger, choose among all the rides offered on our website to reach your destination in the cheapest way!

It has never been easier to find some fellow travellers or commuters for your next trip. Start looking for by clicking on sign up to register on the website.

PASSENGER – Step by Step

1. Insert the address of departure and arrival in the “Search Bar”
2. Browse the ride offer to find your match*
3. Book it and send a message to the driver
4. Get approved by the driver and discuss through the platform the details of the trip
5. Reimburse in cash the driver for the expenses at the end of the trip
6. Enjoy your trip!

*Could not find your ride? Set an alert to receive an email when someone will share it.

DRIVER – Step by Step

1. Click on “Offer a Ride”
2. Insert address of departure, arrival and the date of the trip
3. Select any suggested stops (if you want!)
4. Choose price and number of seats available
5. Fill the form with information about the ride
6. Publish it and get contacted by passengers
7. Approve the passengers and discuss with them the details of the trip
8. Get your money in cash at the end of the ride
9. Enjoy your trip!

So why not register today using our link we are offering students the opportunity to win a prize of R500 at the end of July via a random draw!