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As I am sure many of you are aware, blogging and posting video is huge. The popularity of some bloggers is amazing, some with millions and others with tens of millions of followers! At Rent-a-Student, we work our best to find paid part-time work and work experience for you, the student.

We have grown very rapidly and now offer up to 1,000 positions a month and this has been done with very little advertising! However, what we also know is that the more posts we do and the more we talk on social media, the more JOBS we get.

Thus, this is a reminder / request for all students to re-post, re-tweet, like and generally discuss Rent-a-Student on social media. Today we have already posted 7 jobs for 20+ positions and still have 1 job requiring 50 students to post (awaiting confirmation of exact requirements). Please remember, we operate as a Not for Profit Company and you need to help us help you! More students = More Jobs for all! Spread the Word and use the Student Blog

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We find ourselves at an exciting time in history, the rise of a new era, the digital era. Digital tech has transformed, and continues to transform the way we do things, and to not catch the trend, would be less than ideal.

Largely characterized by a faster, and a more connected society, the digital era is slowly evolving the way we do things. The way we used to do things like retail, socializing and work is beginning to change, as we adapt to doing these things online, with emerging trends, and evolving markets.

One of these emerging trends (the Gig Economy) is people finding, and offering, employment through the internet. Where in the past finding a job may have been a slow, and grueling, process, we’ve now made it significantly faster, and easier where with websites like, a job is only a few clicks away. What I like about rent-a-student is that it is specifically suited for students, offering mostly short-term, and part-time jobs, it’s not a career move, but it’ll get you some pocket change and give you important work experiences.

Being ideal for students, rent-a-student, is a good example of how markets are evolving to tailor more to the individual than to the general group, but the work industry is only one example of evolving markets, as we see the internet of things shape the way we do things.

Hire Students

Of the 26.5% of unemployed South Africans, 54.2% are youths. In a country with such statistics, I think it is safe to say that we are all frustrated. There is nothing more discouraging as a varsity student in South Africa than realising the reality of our country and realising that this is our reality as individuals too. Success these days is not as simple as pulling up your socks or working harder than the rest. As informed as we are, who doesn’t work hard these days? It is not as easy as waiting for mother luck to drop opportunities in your hand either. So really, what is it up to?

Growing up in a township of Gugulethu I’ve always known that I wanted more than what I see on my streets and in my neighbours eyes. Somehow I knew that more existed, “There just has to be something better than this. This cannot be all” I would to think to myself. My mom as my role model and my brother as an example, I decided I will work hard and I would reach the goal that I had set out for myself. My passions, abilities and talents ceased to mater, I just wanted to be successful. So I pulled through. 2am, 3am study nights, I pulled through. I thought I had it all worked out. Hard work leads to success, but I soon realised that it doesn’t end there.
I made myself as well as my family proud and passed matric with a bachelor’s pass. I got into varsity, and the horror of a success hungry black woman from Gugulethu began. In a richly diverse scene such as UWC, I heard all sorts of testimonies from different people, highly educated people, completing their Honours and Masters, “It’s hard to get a job. There are no jobs”. It occurred to me that what I am doing is not enough, education is vital, but it is not enough. Drive carries you through but it is not enough, positivity keeps you sane but it is not enough. All of these are needed, but never will they create opportunities for you. This was one thing I had no control of. I think by now it has occurred to most of us that we have to fight. Competition is rife and smiles for no man. We have to fight, we have to keep trying, we have to go out there and find these opportunities and for some of us, as the likes of the warm hearted founders of “Rent-A-Student” we have to make them, not only for us but also for others and future generations too. They, Rent-A-Student, have brought opportunities to us, we ought to learn from them, and also take advantage of this platform. Utilize these opportunities, milk them, then turn around and create them. This is how we will overcome the curse of South Africa.

-Zanele “Xanna” Sokatsha

– John, Founder and CEO @ Rent-a-Student – Thanks for the mention Zanele, a nice article. Please email your cell number and network so we can send you R50 e-Wallet!! The blog is unfortunately pretty true, but do not give up hope (NEVER GIVE UP)!, jobs do exist and the reason for Rent-a-Student starting was to give students work experience opportunities (the money is secondary, but still important). My advice in these times and especially in South Africa is to focus on the “Gig” economy!! Read about it and write another blog for R50!!

Being the tender age of 18, I have been thrust into the real capitalist world, which is indeed obsessed with money. Naturally, not being a trust fund kid, I decided to seek out a job with nothing to my name but a decent Matric qualification and a whole lot of gumption. Surely someone would want to hire your dear ambitious elfling but alas the hunt is still ongoing and here are some reasons why finding a job in a 26.6% unemployment rate climate

Work Experience Needed

Must have prior experience

Dear employers, how do you expect fresh out of high school teenagers to have already acquired the necessary experience, if you will not hire them in the first place to gain it. We all need a springboard of launching pad to begin with.

Rent Students

How to curate a CV

Many wasted L.O lessons were spent discussing effective study tips or healthy eating and none actually used to prepare us for the real world. Taxes, bank loans, mortgages, Jobs all very important factors in the big bad world that we have to endure are completely foreign concepts. Thankfully we do indeed resort to google for aid but our CV’s end up being bland and often inaccurate, making the job hunting even more difficult.

Student Work Expierence

Job Search


There are indeed many jobs out there but some happen to be too far, and in this economy I’d end up spending more on petrol than I would be earning.

Getting to Work

Lack of transport


You can throw South Africa’s constitution in my face all you’d like but there is still no denying that discrimination exists in the workplace. For instance let’s take sales assistants at beauty counters or just in general, all have to be of a similar skin tone of body built (so I have noticed) and this simply cannot be  a coincidence . A personal example would be for a friend of mine who was asked if she would be comfortable removing her Hijab in order to work as a cashier. I didn’t know a piece of cloth on your head could hinder your job performance? These are just two small examples of the blatant discrimination that occurs daily for people of all walks of life and is somehow accepted and tolerated. People are then changing aspects of who they are and compromising beliefs to earn a decent wage and I for one do not see how that is fair or just or equal.

Ignoring Mental Health issues

On the many many job applications I have filled out many have asked about physical disabilities as opposed to any mental or emotional afflictions. Mental illnesses can be just as debilitating as physical ones and should rightly be acknowledged and accommodated for.

Student Jobs

Mental Health Issues at Work


This year due to disruptions and protests for FEESMUSTFALL, my entire semester was pushed a month, set to end in mid December . The festive hiring season begins in early December and runs throughout and so as a result your truly will probably be jobless yet again in order to ensure the passing of this academic year.

Inability of hire myself 

I am teeming with ideas of business opportunities and ventures to explore but lack the time, support and capital to put these into motion.

In all fairness, I am still thankful to be privileged enough to be able to seek employment and survive somewhat without it and the above factors are based deeply on personal experience. I just want to be able to live my best life and not ask or bother my parents who already have so much on their plate.

I do hope my luck turns around soon , and to the rest of you looking too, chin up, our time will hopefully come (Insha Allah). Do comment down below if you have any grievances to share.

To end this off on a light-hearted note here is a cute koala pun




By Faatimah Essack

University life is exciting. There is so much to do and so many new people to meet. Which means no one wants to be left behind because they’re broke. I’m sure we all troll the web for hours on end hoping to find that one legit job that will take us from broke bored student to the party starter in seconds. I know I have. No matter how hard we try it’s never worked, no matter how much data we use. But I’ve finally found a way into the inner circle. There is a way to earn amazing money, almost instantly, with Rent-a-student.

Rent-a-student is a non-profit organization that helps you earn money in your spare time. They are 100% committed to helping students earn cash and gain some work experience for when we graduate! Every day new jobs are posted and made available to us students. My first time on the Rent-a-Student website lifted my spirits and so I took a chance and applied for transcription work. I’m so amazed to say I actually got paid! From then on I have become fascinated with working hard and knowing that at the end of the day they appreciate my effort and actually reward me for a job well done. They aren’t like the big bad world out there; Rent-a-Student gives you a chance even before you’ve graduated!

By Mohini Manisunker

rent a student

Students, in partnership with eStudy, we are pleased to announce the following FREE SOCIO ECONOMIC/SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT COURSES – perhaps complete some over the holiday period?

There are 20 vouchers available to conduct 1 or more of the following courses (Learners can opt how many courses to enroll for):

1. Developing your leadership skills – 5 hours – 1 point

2. Managing for the first time – 13 hours – 3 points

3. Managing your time and priorities – 5 hours – 1 point

4. Be a great team player – 16 hours – 4 points

5. Managing conflicts – 6 hours – 1 point

6. Ethics and Social Responsibility Awareness – 7 hours – 1 point

7. Self-Awareness and Decision Making-Skills – 7 hours – 1 point
All the above courses are CPD Accredited by the SABPP and learners will receive their certificate the month after completing the course. For any of the above courses, eStudy will not charge the student additional services/fees.


Students will have 12 months from date of registration to complete the above course/courses.

Should you wish to be considered for the above free courses, please contact with motivation and CV – use subject “eStudy Courses” – please make sure you will use this valuable asset as places are limited for now to 20.

Part time paid work for students south africa

Students, we continue to grow, both in terms of the number of students and the number of positions available for students to work part-time. With all the “no fees” protests, it is a pleasure that some students (YOU) are willing to work to get through studies. In fact, it is proven that a part-time job benefits students in many ways. Good for YOU! Pity that the powers that be are not supporting us as a Non-Profit Company, but, as stated we are helping more students daily.

Rent-a-Student now has agreements with several Exhibition Organising companies, large business and as you know transcription services along with other “work from home” opportunities. We have also added web design work and bloggers to our growing list of services during the winter .. brrrrr….

Now, we look forward to summer, and historically, this is “Silly Season” i.e. we go bonkers as more and more work requests pour in! So .. complete the form below to be front of queue. If you have students friends and even siblings aged 17+ get them to join us by registering. Finally, we are just over 1,000 likes short of 50,000 and would love to hit that milestone – get liking us please 🙂 and make some social media noise!!! … Finally, finally, speak to your parents and other business owners, maybe some of them have been thinking to hire students but just do not know how to go about it? They can contact us directly anytime



WOW ….

We hate to say this, but we are disappointed with the lack of attention to detail from some students applying for part-time paid work via our platform. Rent-a-Student is a non-profit organsation trying to HELP students! We have businesses asking for students non-stop and our reputation means students get good pay!!

Rent a Student was formed to help students. Employers (in the main) want to help students, but the quality of applications has declined!! When we ask for a photograph – we need a photograph, when we ask for a CV we need a CV, when we say the job is in Johannesburg and students apply from Cape Town it is NOT acceptable! When students apply and then do not show it is totally unacceptable. YES that is the reality, students apply for positions and when given the position, they fail to show up = lost client = bad reputation = the end of this Non-Profit … PLEASE Respect us, respect yourself, respect the clients wanting to help students.

We give work experience to over 1,000 students a month, we have a minimum wage policy of R40 per hour, so please only apply if you have read the brief and can do the JOB.

PLEASE, remember that first impressions count.

PS – Congratulations to the many students who do excellent work! We are proud to have you on-board!

The HCI Foundation Bursary Programme provides financial assistance to academically deserving and financially needy students.

The HCI Foundation Bursary Programme provides financial assistance to academically deserving and financially needy students, pursuing an undergraduate degree up to Honours level in any field of study, at a public university or university of technology in South Africa.

HCI Foundation bursaries are primarily for students who will be in their 1st year of study in 2017 and our current bursary recipients.

Applications for other years of study will only be considered if we have spaces available.

To successfully complete an application form, follow the five steps below between 01 August 2016 and 30 September 2016.

Between 01 August 2016 and 30 September 2016.


If you have applied before, you must login with your existing username and password. Click on lost password if you have lost or forgotten it.

If you are a new applicant you must register on the system.


There are 4 sections that you will be required to complete on the application form:

Personal details
Family details
Details of proposed study for the upcoming year
Parents’ employment information
Now begin to send in your supporting documents:

Copy of ID, proof of family income or affidavit of unemployment and proof of grant.

You will be able to submit supporting documents until 30 September 2016

You can save your application at any stage and return to complete it later.

Closing Date: 30 September 2016 before Midnight

Click Here to APPLY ONLINE

More and more workers are operating outside the traditional confines of regular, full time employment. They may be free agents or elancers, that is freelancers in the digital world who work for themselves. Or they may be employees of an organization your firm is allied with. Employees of an outsourcing or temporary help firm or even volunteers. Last year, almost 18 million people worked as non-standard employees for 15 hours or more a week. Software maker Intuit estimates that 40% of the workforce will be non-standard employees by 2020.

It’s already happening now in a number of industries. In terms of the kinds of work available, it’s not just low level clerical tasks. It’s also managerial and professional work. Think accounting and finance, information technology or marketing. One of the payoffs from using non-standard employees is that they may be cheaper than their full-time counterparts, especially since they typically are not eligible for benefits. Moreover, the size of the workforce can expand or contract as necessary based on the demand for particular services. More generally, companies can tailor the skill sets they need to fit the work to be done without hiring and firing full-time employees.

At the same time, there are risks associated with non-standard employee workers. Will they be as committed as full-timers? Will their rapid turnover require extensive orientation and training of new ones? Will they stick around long enough to develop the kind of depth of understanding of people and operations that will enable them to contribute meaningfully? In terms of managing and integrating work, there are three broad considerations. The first consideration is strategy.

Namely, considering the overall work to be done, which parts of it are core, proprietary operations that need to stay in-house and whichparts might be done elsewhere. Consider Nike or Apple for example. In both cases, a core competency is design. The look, feel and functionality of the product. Both firms design their products in-house and then outsource the actual manufacture of the products elsewhere.Design allows Nike and Apple to retain activities that are at the very top of the value chain and to outsource those lower in the value chain.

A second consideration is procurement. More specifically, procuring the kinds of knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to do the work that non-standard employees can do. This is where talent platforms can be extremely helpful. A talent platform is simply an internet enabled marketplace that matches work to free agents. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for example was originally built to solve Amazon’s own internal data processing problems.

To do that, it created a platform where work could be broken up into tiny pieces called microtasks and distributed to a low-cost workforce.Examples of microtasks include information gathering such as completing a survey, or photo and video processing for example, tagging images. This approach is inherently global for once you post work on a digital talent platform you won’t know and you may not care where the work is being done.

The final consideration is accountability. Managing means getting work done through other people and following through to ensure it’s done properly. Managers have to be exquisitely clear about their expectations for deliverables and they need to specify four parameters in great detail. By when, that is time. In what quantity. At what level of quality. And at what cost. When the deliverables arrive, managers need to check to ensure that the deliverables meet the standards previously set for timeliness, quantity, quality, and cost.

In summary, when the boundaries of an organization are no longer fixed as is happening more and more these days, then non-standard employees may do at least some of an organization’s work. In order to manage and integrate that work into ongoing operations, managers need to do three things well. Determine which elements of work must be done in-house and which can be farmed out to non-standard employees. Procure the kinds of knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to do the work that will be farmed out.

And specify in detail four dimensions of expectations about deliverables. Time, quantity, quality and cost. Do these three things well and you’ll be well on your way towards developing an overall strategy for managing and integrating work when organizational boundaries are permeable.