Interview Outfits – Part 1

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So, you have researched the company and can recite your key achievements. You have looked up your interviewer on Social Media.

But have you thought about what you’re going to wear to your interview? A recent survey found that 33% of bosses know within 90 seconds whether they’ll hire someone, 60% indicated that an outfit could be a deciding factor between two near identical candidates. Our clothes make up an important part of our appearance. This does not mean spending a fortune, but it does mean working out what’s appropriate for your role.

In a series of articles we will example the typical “outfit” for a range of Job interviews starting with:


A smart but less formal approach for candidates should be adhered to for these roles, “For women a great option is a smart dress teamed with a jacket or even a fine-knit fitted cardigan. Men could team a blazer with a slim leg chino and a crisp white shirt. Brown brogues look very stylish with a chino. It’s advisable for men to wear a tie in most interview situations.

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Rent-a-Student guide for Interview Clothing

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