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WOW ….

We hate to say this, but we are disappointed with the lack of attention to detail from some students applying for part-time paid work via our platform. Rent-a-Student is a non-profit organsation trying to HELP students! We have businesses asking for students non-stop and our reputation means students get good pay!!

Rent a Student was formed to help students. Employers (in the main) want to help students, but the quality of applications has declined!! When we ask for a photograph – we need a photograph, when we ask for a CV we need a CV, when we say the job is in Johannesburg and students apply from Cape Town it is NOT acceptable! When students apply and then do not show it is totally unacceptable. YES that is the reality, students apply for positions and when given the position, they fail to show up = lost client = bad reputation = the end of this Non-Profit … PLEASE Respect us, respect yourself, respect the clients wanting to help students.

We give work experience to over 1,000 students a month, we have a minimum wage policy of R40 per hour, so please only apply if you have read the brief and can do the JOB.

PLEASE, remember that first impressions count.

PS – Congratulations to the many students who do excellent work! We are proud to have you on-board!

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14 Responses to “READ and Apply”

  1. Comment made by Wisani on Oct 20th 2016 at 3:40 am: Reply

    Good day,

    I always encounter problems when i have to apply for different casual work, sometimes the system will tell me when i have to login that my e-mail is already in use and the password is wrong. so i do not know how do i resolve this, please assist.

    • Comment made by rentastudent on Oct 20th 2016 at 6:48 am: Reply

      Do you use a computer or phone? The site does have a few glitches with phones. Please try a computer. Resetting passwords should be easy and we get 10+ per day so again use a computer

  2. Comment made by rethabile91 on Oct 24th 2016 at 12:44 pm: Reply

    Good day

    Everytime I try to upload a picture I receive an error code 404:forbidden. I tried using my phone and laptop and still encounter the same problem.

    • Comment made by rentastudent on Oct 25th 2016 at 2:17 pm: Reply

      I see you did apply, the website is very busy and we are in the process of upgrading. Please be patient, perhaps clear your browser cache?

    • Comment made by rentastudent on Oct 25th 2016 at 2:42 pm: Reply

      can you advise what you were doing. I just created a new account, uploaded a .docx file, applied for a position and attached it. No problems at all?

  3. Comment made by on Oct 24th 2016 at 7:34 pm: Reply

    How do we know if we have the job or not? I have applied for jobs where I did not get an acceptance nor a rejection notification and the date of the job came and went. It would really help to know this information. Thanks

    • Comment made by Jamie on Nov 8th 2016 at 7:31 am: Reply

      This has also happened to me. Would really like to get a response

      • Comment made by rentastudent on Nov 17th 2016 at 12:59 pm: Reply

        Jamie – we are too busy to respond to all applications sorry. Keep trying!

  4. Comment made by Kgomotsosithole2 on Oct 25th 2016 at 1:45 pm: Reply

    Hello,i just want to know how to submit my cv?

    • Comment made by rentastudent on Oct 25th 2016 at 2:16 pm: Reply

      Click on job, click apply online or read how to apply. Field for uploading CV is present.

  5. Comment made by on Oct 25th 2016 at 4:16 pm: Reply

    My question was not answered, can someone please answer(see above). Thanks

  6. Comment made by rentastudent on Oct 26th 2016 at 12:53 pm: Reply

    You will not get notified if you do not get the job. We have over 50,000 students and do 500-1,000 job placements a month. There is 1 employee .. me… I simply do not have enough time to do this sorry. We also operate non profit so we cannot employ more staff at present. Hope you understand! John.

    • Comment made by on Oct 26th 2016 at 5:03 pm: Reply

      Alright, thank you.

  7. Comment made by Masego on May 8th 2017 at 2:21 pm: Reply


    My Name is Masego And I’m studying at Boston City Campus..I am interested in working part time or as a casual based on promotional work.

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