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We are always looking for students that have “a considerable amount of spare time”. Historically, we have always offered student short term work placements, many just a few hours (micro jobs). Increasingly however, employers are coming to us for students that can commit for to up to 1 year. Perhaps it is the onset of the “Gig Economy“, perhaps it is our labour laws? Maybe more companies are looking for short term workers that are reliable? Whichever, we have demand for students that can commit to 3 months – 1 year. Recent work has included a Museum Audit, Marketing Interns, Call Centre Operators and Sales / Promotions teams.

If you are studying or indeed have a lot of spare time, please register with us and complete the form below so that we can call on you when needed.

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I know we have written a few articles on this topic, but here are some useful tips from our friends over at Careers Portal

Biggest thing from our side is NEVER pay to work! There are very few paid work from home jobs, most of them will ask you to pay for a pack or do work online. 95% are scams. What’s the phrase … you don’t get anything for nothing!

Anyway, the great news is here at Rent-a-Student we are still getting transcription work (some posted yesterday), we have many bloggers, content writers as well as graphic designers and website gurus!! Check out the latest jobs for some of these! and Remember to like us with all you friends on – the more likes, the more jobs!

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Just when you thought you could take an Easter break!


How do we deal with a client who states:

“I just want to confirm that I select the final 2 ladies” ??

They asked for staff at their RHINO Park!! We don’t care if the staff are gray, red,  black, white or blue OR male or female or anything else – argggghhhhh .. why do people not get us!


WELL answers on a postcard please, or rather just reply to the post with your views … we will forward to the client with a real special HORNED off message!


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Even though graduation might seem a long way off, as a student it’s never too early to think about your future career path after college. Employers love to see individuals who have a clear sense of direction and trajectory as regards to their job – people who know where they want to be and how they are going to get there. A good way to attract employers is to have an outstanding resume and a sleek, targeted portfolio that shows off your skills. The following advice can help you stand out from other applicants and get the dream job you are after.

Why have a portfolio?

The first step in your career process is the interview stage, securing an opportunity to talk to your potential employer face-to-face. With such fierce competition for work, however, even trying to secure an interview can be a steep challenge. As a student without experience in your professional field, it might feel that the odds are stacked against you as some managers may not have much confidence in your skills. For this reason, it is essential to first prove that you have what it takes to fulfil the role.
A sharp portfolio of your own work can help with this and a professional online version of your portfolio will let employers to view your work beforehand, allowing them to decide whether to invite you to an interview. Consider setting up a website to showcase your best work and accomplishments from your courses and personal work. Pro bono work or an internship can provide excellent items for your portfolio, just remember to include the link to your portfolio website in your resume so that employers can actually see this.

What to include

If your portfolio is text heavy due to the nature of your field, consider using plenty of blank space to introduce each piece and allow for visual separation. For brief visual pieces in your portfolio, consider using a perfectly aligned grid format of images and text. Regardless of what layout you choose, aim for consistency as this looks mature, professional, and confident.
Include visual examples of work that you want to showcase with a brief written description. Consider describing your pieces by explaining your methods, conclusions, and what the project taught you. Use your portfolio to showcase your strategic thinking abilities, software skills, and problem-solving capabilities.

A printed portfolio in a professionally bound booklet should be limited to six or eight pieces of work, but your online portfolio can include many more pieces since the viewer can review as many pieces as they want at their leisure. If you have just a few high-quality pieces, then only include those. Remember that quality is always better than quantity, so show off your best work by giving it a prominent position rather than just trying to stuff a portfolio with everything and anything.

Get creative

Imagine the hiring manager sorting through a number of similar resumes, seeing the same thoughts and ideas repeated in only a slightly different format. You really need to make yourself stand out, and they are more likely to call you for an interview if you can make your portfolio as unique and creative as possible. For interviews, bring a copy of your printed resume and portfolio in bound format. If you have the funds, bring an additional flash drive loaded with your work to leave behind for the hiring manager.
Blog style websites can be a great way to showcase your works, be it written or creative pieces. There are many services out there that often provide free templates for your blog, and you can get a unique URL at little cost.

Look into creating a sleek and professional video portfolio that stand out. Consider downloading a video maker to produce an excellent video of your work. This is a visually engaging way to showcase your skills, especially if you hope to work in media or communications.

While it can be challenging to land your first job, having examples of your work can help in the hiring process and can an interviewer an idea of your capabilities. A good portfolio can lead to an interview, but an excellent portfolio could lead to your first job.

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In a world where change is taking place faster than you can tweet about it, you’ve become accustomed to trends that come and pass before you’ve even finished your morning coffee. You would then be forgiven for being a little sceptical about a change so significant, it threatened to alter the very way in which you viewed the labour market. This new trend taking over the corporate world is the gig economy. Oxford Dictionary defines it as: A labour market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs. The phrase “gig economy” was coined at the height of the financial crisis in early 2009, when the unemployed made a living by working several part-time jobs, or gigging, wherever they could.
In recent years, companies like Uber and Airbnb have spearheaded the rise of the gig economy with business models that are almost entirely reliant on the input of freelancers who then make up the majority of their workforce. Major corporates have also bought into the trend, outsourcing jobs to “giggers” who are contracted only the duration of a specific project thereafter, the gigger seeks a new gig and the corporate new giggers.
With the rapid growth of gigging however, comes an equal dose of scepticism. Many industry analysts have voiced their concern at the gig economy model. One of the biggest issues raised by critics, is to do with the contractual classification freelancers and the benefits, or lack thereof, that they are entitled to. As freelancers, companies are not legally entitled to provide them with employee benefits such as Healthcare provisions and retirement fund contributions. This raises an ethical dilemma in certain situations where, for example, Uber would have no obligation to a driver who worked full-time hours, comparable to any regular contracted employee, merely as per the classification of his/her contract.
Nonetheless, the industry is expected to keep growing. It is estimated that about 40% of the population will be in the gig economy by 2030. And why not? In a world lead by millennials with ever-shrinking attention spans and access to more opportunities than ever before, maybe the current labour market status quo of long term contracts is outdated. The gig economy may suffer some growing pains, but don’t mistake momentary incapability for indefinite incapacity. Nothing is certain but the last thing you want is to be on the wrong side of history. In 1946, American film producer and studio exec, Darryl Zanuck famously remarked that TV won’t last because people would, “soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night”. I can’t vouch for everyone, but let’s just say, this article would’ve been finished a lot quicker had he been right about that one.

Part time paid work for students south africa

November 14

Many thanks again – so great to work with someone who is professional and reliable!

I would strongly recommend rent-a-student to anyone who needs fast, efficient and reliable transcription services for their studies. From the moment I contacted them, the process was simple and I was regularly kept informed of progress. The quality and accuracy of the work I received was very high, especially considering some of my audio recordings were not easy to work with. A very professional, modestly priced and effective solution for transcribing interviews in record time.

Best regards,



August 22

Morning John

It went very well thanks. The girls were awesome behind the bar and I really enjoyed working with them.

Thank you!

Kind Regards


Jackie (Warrior Races)
Some days it actually feels go to work! Below an email from Natalie who needed 4 students to work a “Belly Dance” Event. As a post, this is to remind students that references are important. Get them if you can. Rent-a-student are happy to provide it’s students with references.


Hi John

Please find attached the proof of payments – I have paid in full.

Thank you very much, the team you provided me was AMAZING! They were hard working, reliable, efficient and lovely to work with.

Thank you again





[13:09, 10/24/2017] Gb1 Julia:

“I’ve had the beat experience with RAS through one of the jobs provided by them. The employers were great and accommodating and the owner of RAS if also very helpful towards the students. This is truly a great website, thumbs up all the way”

Thanks Julia!

Hi Students / ALL

Today, we start a series of regular short posts that will help you keep your resume in tip-top shape!.

Always include any experience and a photograph

As you are still students, your resume / CV maybe a little thin. Always ensure you include any and all experience even if it was only a few hours. It shows commitment and reliability. A photograph, whilst not essential, can help bulking out the CV and can make employers’ feel comfortable that they are hiring the right person. Remember, keep the photo’s professional and relaxed.

DO NOT Include Social Media/Digital Platform URLs … Unless..

Over 90% of companies, recruiters and employers claim to check and vet candidates based on social media prior to offering them a position. This includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc..

However, you must make sure that your privacy settings are secured and do not contain any personal accounts (or content) that may prove embarrassing (naughty holiday snaps etc).

So, check your social media and make sure your profile is looking professional!


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Rent a Student get around 200 work placement requests from employers every week.

Some of the requests are simple tasks such as proofreading, transcriptions, blogging, article writing, research, data entry, flyers, kiddies parties etc. These typically pay R40-R80 per hour but never less than R200 per task (even if only 1 hour).

For more specialist work like application development, photography, website design, graphic design, law, translations, tutoring, adobe photoshop, acting, modeling etc.,  employers often pay R100+ per hour. Photographers, for example are paid R1,000+ per 1/2 day! or more.

Most of you have specialised skills in 1 or more areas, so if you have please use this form with a message stating your area of skill and we will forward you potential work opportunities as they arise. Note that we use this information frequently, for example, we know we have 8 photographers in Gauteng, so we can easily email them to quote for a job.

Please note that you may have to deal directly with the employer for some of the work, especially where detailed instructions are required e.g. graphic design work. Please also note that sometimes the work is only available via a tender process so we cannot guarantee you will be selected.

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