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Please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. Items listed on this website are for sale as described. Transactions are strictly between the buyer and the seller.
  2. Rent-a-Student has no responsibility or liability to the buyer and/or seller of items list here.
  3. Books maybe listed for FREE! Until further notice all items may be listed for free.


Seller Instructions

In order to place your items for sale, you must register. Then you must purchase a membership pack.(free until further notice).

Next create a listing and/or edit a listing.

Please list your item(s) with a contact email and/or cellphone number. DO NOT post your physical address unless you really wish too. If a buyer contacts you please exercise common sense and caution if meeting with the buyer. We recommend that you do not meet the buyer unless absolutely necessary.

List the price of your item(s) in RANDS.


Buyer Instructions

Contact the seller and confirm the price for the item(s). Either collect the item(s) – NOT recommended OR have them delivered to you. There may be an additional cost for this.

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