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FREE Airtime

Thumbtom is an Android mobile application for prepaid phones that will display information, rewards or offers each time you unlock your phone. Once installed YOU have the option to swipe right to UNLOCK your phone as normal or swipe left to PLAY for rewards & offers. When you register you get R5 FREE Airtime. If a friend registers with your code you get another R5 FREE Airtime for each new registration (limits apply).


Free Airtime


  1. Download the app “Thumbtom” from the Android store. Install the app (it’s all free).
  2. Complete a short registration.
  3. Once Registered make a note of YOUR PROMO CODE (7 digits).
  4. Click the menu option button in the top right of your mobile screen and select “Enter promo-code”

YOU MUST USE THE PROMO CODE “ras123” to get R5 free airtime!!!

  1. Get friends and family to install the app to start collecting airtime for FREE! Each new person who registers earns them R5 free airtime and you get another R5 free airtime – SIMPLE!