How we Operate

How do we (rent-a-student) make money

The truth – we don’t!!

In fact, the founder has donated over R1m in the past 10 years.

How we work

  • Some jobs are for other charities or NPO’s. We try to work with these Organisations on a give and return basis or just plain for free. WE MAKE A LOSS
  • Some Jobs are with Organisations doing good in general for example The Gifting Organisation run by Madine. WE BREAK EVEN
  • Finally, we get some jobs where either the Client or the overall scale means we MAKE A PROFIT

THUS, Overall we as a registered Non Profit, can just cover our overheads, that is it. We have no support except from Google, Microsoft and Sage who help with software and ad campaigns.

I think you would agree that giving students a hand up, placing them in a safe environment with decent employers WHO get a win-win by placing the best of our students (often at a fraction of the cost), should be applauded. Students gain work experience and employers also get to take on the best of the best at the end of term sometimes. I cannot see any losers.

So, just a note to say our absolute minimum rate is R60 per hour (less for those doing like us, work for the community for free). Yes, we do like to make a margin, we do sometimes we don’t most of the time. It would be great if the biggest employers could help us help everyone, especially our students.