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jobs at rent-a-student

Hi Students

First up, we have 50,000+ registered students. That is a bit of a twin edged sword for you guys. The more students, the more jobs we get, but then, the less chance you have of getting a job. I am guessing at 50,000+ students and 500 job spots per month, we are just about neutral now.

So, how to improve your chances of getting a job with us…

1. Always attach a CV
2. Try and add a photograph to your CV, it’s easy!
3. If you cannot add a photo, attach one seperately
4. Attachments need to be in standard formats e.g. word, pdf for CV’s and word or jpeg for photographs
5. READ the job description especially the location. If the job says Johannesburg and you are in Cape Town, you have no chance
6. Keep checking back or follow us on Facebook / Twitter. Jobs go VERY quickly!
7. If you see URGENT in the job title, it means tomorrow, day after or larger jobs that we have not filled
8. If you get a job, NEVER be late. No excuses
9. If any instructions are given for the job, read them! the employer has gone to the trouble to write them, please at least read them
10. Persist, sometimes we see students applying for many jobs, and we may push you up the list!

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2 Responses to “Job with Rent-a-Student (top 10 tips)”

  1. Comment made by rentastudent on Jun 21st 2018 at 5:59 pm: Reply

    Next we will post how to keep a job and our general rules i.e. 1 strike if you are late!

  2. Comment made by BotleS on Jun 27th 2018 at 10:44 am: Reply

    Thank you for the tips.

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