Save n Earn


We have teamed up with Jumpin Rides to offer you the opportunity to Carpool and Rideshare to and from Campus / Jobs / Events etc.

Here is how it works:

If you are a driver, offer any empty seat in your car to other members of the Rent-a-Student / JumpIn Rides’ community for all your trips around South Africa. Instead, if you are a passenger, choose among all the rides offered on our website to reach your destination in the cheapest way!

It has never been easier to find some fellow travellers or commuters for your next trip. Start looking for by clicking on sign up to register on the website.

PASSENGER – Step by Step

1. Insert the address of departure and arrival in the “Search Bar”
2. Browse the ride offer to find your match*
3. Book it and send a message to the driver
4. Get approved by the driver and discuss through the platform the details of the trip
5. Reimburse in cash the driver for the expenses at the end of the trip
6. Enjoy your trip!

*Could not find your ride? Set an alert to receive an email when someone will share it.

DRIVER – Step by Step

1. Click on “Offer a Ride”
2. Insert address of departure, arrival and the date of the trip
3. Select any suggested stops (if you want!)
4. Choose price and number of seats available
5. Fill the form with information about the ride
6. Publish it and get contacted by passengers
7. Approve the passengers and discuss with them the details of the trip
8. Get your money in cash at the end of the ride
9. Enjoy your trip!

So why not register today using our link we are offering students who use this link the opportunity to win a prize of R500 at the end of July via a random draw!