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Student and Youth Jobs (NPC) trading as Rent-a-Student are by far the largest provider of students who want to work part-time in South Africa. We pride ourselves in 8 years of operation without a single complaint from an Employer. We can offer students in just about any location for just about any job.

No job is too big or too small for Rent-a-Student. With over 60,000 registered students countrywide, we can do campaign, survey and promotion work in areas other suppliers simply cannot. Note only that, we are very cost effective and by employing students you are assisting them to grow. Students are our future!.

With the number of students we can rely upon, we can manage national rollouts without the requirement to sub-contract or have multiple suppliers. Our students WANT to work and enjoy working. They are the next generation and have no hangups, almost all are extremely reliable, tech savvy, approachable, friendly and hard working!

We provide automated reporting facilities (if required) and whatsapp groups for team building, security and attendance recording.

With over 112 Job Categories, our students can do just about any (legal) job.

Clients include some of the largest companies in South Africa and we regularly place over 1,000 students in part-time paid work every month. See latest testimonies from recent clients here.

Rates range from R50 per hour upwards but are negotiable for larger / longer jobs.

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