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7 Sep 2019

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Hi All

I know one of my biggest bug bears is students letting us down at the last minute or being late. Thankfully, this is a rare event for RAS students.

You trust us to find you real work placements and you get a fair placement rate where we can.

So, when it comes to employers, we expect the same? Don’t we?

Well appears that most employers are great, they all appreciate you guys and many offer full time jobs to our students in due course. We get rave reviews on almost every placement and it makes us proud of you.

UNTIL 3 weeks ago. A company called Accenture contacted me direct on Friday 15th August. There request, 20 students by Monday 18th August/ All Afrikaans speakers and translators. No instructions, just have 20 ready. We ended up sending them a list of 27 (7 more added a day later). Now I know what you think .. no agreement is in place (too quick, no time).. a thing stage to trap us). You see the end client of Accenture is Amazon. What business let alone a small one helping students and trying to cover it’s overheads would refuse? Meantime, the lead person goes on holiday and we are unable to ask any further right questions to get the project up and running, like when is training, can we discuss expenses (like student expense to get to the training), like why are they no long doing training, sending students home? They have treated us and YOU like trash that they can dispose of when they feel like. One student who did attend wrote:

“I attended 2 days of transcribing for them, they are utterly unprofessional and their work environment even more so. I left after day 2 due to a lack of respect towards myself and my time, I spent my last money on fueling my car to drive to them for the forseeable month. I am very dissapointed to hear that they are doing this, if you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact me”.

I personal put in long shifts to get this ready, but there lack of communication and treatment of students was the final straw,

So, you task for you is R100 each for 10 students (if published by me) to write a short blog that we post to name and shame big companies for the mistreatment of students / youth. I will pay for this myself as I feel so passionate about what we do and will not allow bully boy tactics when the company should be helping us at least.

FYI, We get some employers offering R20 per hour!! Some asking for good looking females, some asking for strong guys. I know SA has a reputation for some of this, but in 2019 it not acceptable. A message needs to be sent! A 20/20 message (our clear vision for youth and students). Fair rewards, fair opportunities, fair treatment and equality of all.. after all that is what 95% of our clients get. Please use you own words!! Please kindly mail me with a word document and we will use this for now if selected. If you can also post on your own blog or social media of choice, that would be excellent!

Many thanks and please pass on to other students and youth you know!.

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