You’re Fired! (Top 5 tips NOT TOO GET)

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Rent-a-Student jobs


You get a job with us, GREAT! we place +/- 500 students a month and pretty much without exception, the employers are delighted, the students are very happy and the job goes well …. or does it?

Here is a list of no-no’s – please please never do the below or you maybe fired on the spot and worse you will not work with us again!

1. Don’t arrive
2. Don’t notify us you cannot make it with AT LEAST 24 hours notice.

The 2 above are the most serious. You will not be given another chance with us. Basically, if you fail to arrive or try the “grandma died”, “taxi caught fire”, “fell down stair”, “sister is ill” routines – we heard it before! ALL of them. Unless the Sun fails to raise, you will be cheating other students from getting the work (the work you plain do not give a **** about), you will be letting yourself down, the client down, us down .. to try and replace you is a major major hassle!!! So, no excuses on the above!

3. Arrive late

Another serious issue. Employers HATE unreliable students. Please make a plan. Do not apply if you cannot make it in time!! Check the location of work and plan ahead. It is expected, you are smart, that is why we pay you top dollar!

4. Dress inappropriately

Just try not too! ripped jeans and cleavage are a bug bear for employers (and they should be)! follow the job description and any dress code contained therein.

5. NEVER ask the employer for money. This means pay, transport money, cell phone money, food, drinks, money for any reason!

You are working for, and representing RAS, we have contracted with the employer and they have probably already paid us. They will not be happy to here that you want money.

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